06.03 Sliding door «UP Slim»

Compact and functional

Thanks tot he narrower sliding bar, the filigree design oft he sliding door „UP“. Can be combined with escape door and without wall inlet profile.

Technical data
Type: sliding door (151)
Impulse: Mecanical closing, case of fire controlled (opening by hand)
Material: Sandwich construction
Fire protected values: EI30
No. blades: 1 wing of the door
Wall types: Masonry / light-weight wall
Element intensity: 70mm
Surfaces: Raw, grounded for coating, sprayed (RAL/NCS) veneered, KH reserved, alu reserved
Options: escape door, mit Einlaufkeil (for construction with ecape door), telescopic version (1-4 parts)
Frame clear dimensions* 1 wing of the door L 4650 (10500) x H 4230 (6000)mm (No.-AEAI 15738)
1 wing of the door telescopic version (1-4 parts) L 21170 x H 6000mm
2 wings of the door L 7000 (21040) x H 4170 (6000)mm (No.-AEAI 23613, 17199)
2 wings of the door telescopic version (1-4 parts) L 42480 x H 6000mm
Escape door L 900 (1390) x H 2000 (2300)mm

*in part of approval processes

With top hung (chapter 06.10)