07.01 Entire glass wall «Deltastar»

Glass frameless

The frameless glass system with only 8 mm all-round gap puts the seamless effect of glass in the foreground. Made-to-measure, individual application possibilities, combinable with almost all frame systems. It is a self-contained triple insulation glass

Technical data
Type: Entire glass wall (195)
Material: Triple glass insert with border enamel
Fire protected values: EI30, EI60, EI90
Wall types: Masonry / light-weight wall / freestanding
Element intensity: 65
Noise protected values: Rw = 37-52 dB (laboratory value) with corresponding glass
U-value: Ug: 3,0-1,0 W (m2K) with corresponding glass
Surfaces: Transparent, acetone serigraphy, translucent, pigmented, enameled, color or matte foils, etc.
Options: Horizontal/vertical butt joints and cross joints, glass in white glass, integrated  slat blinds (only with 110mm version)
Frame clear dimensions: Wall length unlimited
H 4000 x element L 2000mm glass amax 8m2 (No.-AEAI No.15736 – EI30)
H 4000mm, element L 2000mm, glass Amax 8m² (AEAI No. 15735 – EI60)
H 3000mm, element  L 1600mm, glass Amax 4.8m² (AEAI No. 17526 – EI90)
H 4616mm, element L 2300mm, glass Amax 10.5m² (Product innovation)