Concret frame Cementstar

Conrete Frame

Specially developed fittings cast directly into the concrete wall – Cementstar reduces the visible door technology to the minimum and shines with uncompromising simplicity.

Applied to the following projects

Technical data
Type: Concrete Frame (156)
Material: door leaf sandwich construction
Fire protected values: EI30
No. blades: 1 / 2 wing of the door
Wall types: concrete
Element intensity: 50/64 mm
Noise protected values:
Surfaces: Raw, grounded for coating, sprayed (RAL/NCS), veneered, KH reserved, glazed with alu
Options: Glass insert, axecution as window door, stumpfer Mittelstoss (butted joint),  with/whitout seal
Frame clear dimensions: Solid door leaf with/without glass cutout:

1 wing of the door L 1495 x H 3165mm,

(No.-AEAI 21861)
2 wings of the door L 2875 H 3165mm (No.-AEAI 22373)

Window door:
1 wing of the door L 1260 x H 2815mm,

(No.-AEAI 15737)
2 wings of the door L 2515 H 2815mm (No.-AEAI 26072)

Door sizes by weight table hinge „Pylom“