06.02 Sliding door «UP»

Compact covered

UP,  the compact track is inserted flushed into a small ceiling opening. With the integrated masking tape, you will barely perceive the track as interrupt of the ceiling. There is also no need for a pick-up element. A competent, patented solution for fire areas.

Technical data
Type: Sliding door (with patented rendering track) (111)
Impulse: Mecanical closing, case of fire controlled (opening by hand)
Material: Sandwich construction
Fire protected values: EI30
No. blades: 1 / 2 wing of the door
Wall types: Masonry / light-weight wall
Element intensity: 70mm
Surfaces: Raw, grounded for coating, sprayed (RAL/NCS) veneered, KH reserved, alu reserved
Options: (pressure compensated) escape door,  automatic closing and opening, telescopic version
Frame clear dimensions: 1 wing of the door L 4650 x H 4230mm (No.-AEAI 15738)
2 wings of the door L 7000 x H 3190mm (No.-AEAI 23613)
Escape door L 950 (1200) x H 2000mm